Ton Poh Thai Spa & Wellness
+44 117 239 1378
757-759 Fishponds Road, BS16 3UP Bristol, United Kingdom

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We are Nannapat, Wacharapon and Trinut – the 3 founders of Ton Poh Thai Spa and Wellness. We are very passionate in bringing a luxury Thai massage and Spa into Bristol.

We would like to offer every single one of our guests an experience they will never forget starting with a great atmosphere, a chance to experience Thai culture and be served with a great service with Thai manner and customs.  At Ton Poh Thai Spa and Wellness, you will be totally removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and melt away your tensions.

A good Thai massage and spa reflects a wonderful Thai culture which has blended with Buddhism over thousands of years. It is full with spiritual rhythm and calmness.

The word “Ton Poh” means the Bodhi Tree (also known as Bo Tree) which the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under.

We all hope you feel energised and fully charged both body and soul after visiting us!


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